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How Are Americans Dealing With Stress? Massage Franchise Revenues Up 25% Nationwide

Jun 9, 2009

elements therapeutic massage Announces Revenues Up 25% Nationwide

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – June 09, 2009 – elements therapeutic massage, one of the fastest-growing franchisors of massage therapy studios in America, has announced that revenues are up 25 percent nationwide over this time last year.

“It’s a direct reflection that Americans are dealing with greater stress and tension and more of them are turning to massage therapy for relief,” said Kyle Gjersee, senior vice president of operations for elements therapeutic massage.

A recent study by elements therapeutic massage confirms the trend, with a majority of existing customers listing relief from emotional and physical stress as a top reason for visiting the franchised studios.

elements therapeutic massage began franchising in November of 2006 and has rapidly grown to more than 100 franchises in 21 states over the last 24 months. Meanwhile, as the industry has grown, so have consumers’ perceptions of massage therapy as an affordable, attainable service for strained muscles, joint and back pain, and tension mitigation on top of the traditional idea of pampering.

Nelson and Pam Crespo, owners of an elements therapeutic massage studio in Scottsdale, Ariz., said their business is experiencing the highest traffic since it opened in December of 2007. The Crespos employ 12 full-time, highly qualified massage therapists, who have a repeat clientele coming in weekly to monthly, depending on their budget.

“It is not uncommon to hear our clients say that they just received the best massage that they have ever had,” Pam Crespo said. Customers schedule their next massage in advance and treat it as part of their wellness plan, along with diet and exercise.

“A lot of massage studios promote relaxation, but we take a true healing approach to our business,” Crespo added. “Ninety-five percent of our customers are requesting deep tissue massage. They are not coming to us for a little escape to feel good for 30 minutes. They are seeking serious muscle therapy and stress relief so they can tackle the rest of their week.”

Industry leaders say it is a sign that health and wellness have taken on a higher priority as Americans adjust to tougher career demands, the work-life balance, and the added pressure of doing more with less in the rough economy.

“As a society, we are looking for real answers in our daily lives to deal with pain management and holistic health and wellness that keep those other medical bills down,” Gjersee said. “Traffic is up at the elements studios nationwide because consumers are now doing the jobs of two or three people at work. Parents are overscheduling themselves to squeeze in activities with the kids as they head into summer. The financial strain of paying the bills leads to adults who can’t get a good night’s sleep. And the irony is that massage therapy has transcended the idea of an expensive splurge and is becoming the one treatment that is helping many people feel well at a time when they’re working themselves to the limits.”

The growing national franchise specializes in deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, sports massage, Swedish massage and prenatal massage therapy services.

About elements therapeutic massage:

elements therapeutic massage is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and is owned by Fitness Together Holdings, Inc. The parent company oversees Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, a one-on-one personal training fitness franchise established in 1996, and elements therapeutic massage, a massage therapy franchise that began franchising in 2006. Today, the combined franchise network includes more than 700 franchises across the United States, Costa Rica, Israel, Ireland, and Canada. For more information about elements therapeutic massage, visit


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