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Aromatherapy Massage - AromaRitual® | Elements Massage

AromaRitual is an unparalleled massage + aromatherapy experience, designed to align your mind and body for a beautifully effective massage session.

This service has been meticulously crafted to deliver a differentiated massage experience that features application of essential oils to powerful pulse points and traditional inhalation therapy.

Elements Massage has partnered with Shankara, a 2017 iSPA Innovate Award winner, to develop exclusive aromatherapy essences:

Energize AromaRitual

Comprised of lemon, ginger and geranium, Energize provides a stimulating and invigorating experience that uplifts the senses while providing balance and purification for a deep cleanse.

Calm AromaRitual

Lavender, nutmeg and black pepper come together for a treatment that is not only nurturing and relaxing, but also actively relieves muscle pain and headaches.

Refresh AromaRitual

Eucalyptus, peppermint and patchouli are combined for an enlivened, yet balanced soothing experience. This naturally purifying and cooling scent freshens the air and supports deeper breathing for total relaxation.

In addition to the individual benefits of each essence, incorporating aromatherapy into your massage session can lead to better, more lasting results.

*Essences include additional natural ingredients. See studio for details and contraindications.