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Prenatal Massage

Congratulations! There is nothing in the world like the miracle of pregnancy. 

Whether it’s your first child or an exciting new addition to the family, your body is changing every day. For many women, it’s nearly impossible to truly prepare for all the extra demands a growing baby can place on your body. 

At Elements Massage, we understand the nine months of pregnancy are incomparable to any other type of natural development. Our therapists are here to provide the support and relief you need. 

Pregnancy is the perfect time to pamper and nourish the body. Regular therapeutic massages help ease stress, promote relaxation, and help moms-to-be manage all those new aches and pains. 

Our massage therapists understand the delicate nature of pregnancy requires great care and attention. At Elements Massage, we ask moms to wait until after the all-important first trimester to book a prenatal massage session. Only therapists with specific training and prenatal massage certification are allowed to perform this modality. 

When you book a treatment at Elements Massage, you’ll be placed with a therapist who meets your individual needs. This matching system is part of The Elements Way®, a service path we use when booking a massage for any client. This is especially important for our pregnant clients. We will take every step necessary to ensure you feel comfortable and supported at our studios. 

Pregnancy not only changes your body; it also changes the way you think. Your motherly instinct has taken over, and it’s important you feel comfortable from the minute you walk through the door, to the moment you leave. That’s why your prenatal massage is backed by our guarantee: The Elements Promise™. If your massage doesn’t meet or exceed expectations, the next one is on us. 

To experience the true benefits of prenatal massage, it’s best to book multiple sessions. The Elements Wellness Program™ is a cost-effective way to receive regular massage treatments. While prenatal massages help create a more enjoyable and stress-free pregnancy, your treatments don’t have to end when your when the baby is born. Regular massage helps nourish your body and manage the stress you’re experiencing as a new mom!

Nearly all of our studios offer prenatal massage, and with more than 250 locations, it’s easy to find Elements Massage close to your home or office. Call us and book a session today. You deserve to be pampered. After all, you are growing another human! 

See terms and conditions for The Elements Promise™ below.