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Elements Massage® Encourages Stressed Out Americans to Relax on National Relaxation Day

Aug 15, 2018

Elements Massage’s Chief Wellness Officer Eric Stephenson shares tips to renew, relax and revive your physical and mental well-being

DENVER (August 15, 2018) – Elements Massage®, one of the fastest-growing therapeutic massage franchises in the nation, is encouraging all Americans to sit back, relax, and take a much-needed break on August 15 in celebration of National Relaxation Day. From pressures at work to family demand or health issues, stress comes at all of us from many directions. Beyond the mental drain, stress can also produce physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and muscle tension, which makes taking the time to relax even more important.

“According to a study by the American Institute of Stress, 77 percent of adults regularly suffer from the physical symptoms of stress, while 48 percent of people report that stress keeps them up at night,” said Eric Stephenson, Elements Massage’s Chief Wellness Officer. “In our increasingly fast-paced society where we are all connected to digital devices, it is vital that you disconnect regularly to re-center yourself.”

While most of us wish that we could escape to a tropical island and relax on a quiet and secluded beach, getting away from the daily grind is easier said than done. As a result, Stephenson has some easy tips to melt away stress and help you achieve your total Zen:

  1. Go on a walk a few times a week
  2. Spend 30 minutes reading your favorite book
  3. Take a nap, even if it is only for a few minutes per day
  4. Meditate and take three deep breaths several times per day
  5. Express your emotions and release creativity by writing in a journal, drawing or painting
  6. Socialize with friends who make you laugh, which can help lower tension
  7. Sip a glass of wine or drink green tea (both of which have proven benefits)
  8. Spend uninterrupted time playing with your kids and/or pets
  9. Take a group exercise class or set time aside to work out with a personal trainer
  10. Implement regular massage into your regular health and wellness regimen

“Research suggests that more than 90 percent of illness is worsened by stress alone. The good news is that a 60-minute massage can reduce pain and stress, leading to increased quality of life and a greater sense of well-being,” said Stephenson. “Most people think that massage therapy is just getting pampered, but in fact, the mental and physical benefits are immense. Massage helps boost your body’s ability to reduce pain, anxiety and even feelings of sadness.”

Elements Massage offers a variety of unique massage therapy services that promote relaxation not only on National Relaxation Day, but year-round. In 2017, Elements Massage was the first national massage franchise to introduce Himalayan Salt Stone Massage in all locations. For new clients, Stephenson recommends trying this service because it is a unique way to experience the benefits of heat therapy, which helps stimulate circulation, improve sleep and reduce inflammation.

This year, the Elements Massage brand launched its newest service, AromaRitual™, which creates a personalized aromatherapy experience that stimulates your sense of smell. This is tied directly to the part of the brain that processes emotions and controls your heart rate, breathing and stress levels. Elements offers three exclusive scents called Energize, Refresh and Calm available only in its studios.

“What most people don’t think about is the impact massage has on your life once you leave the studio,” added Stephenson. “For example, you may be surprised at how much kinder you are to your spouse and how much more patient you are with your children.”

Whether it’s taking a few minutes out of your day to decompress, or enjoying an hour-long massage, Elements Massage® is committed to making relaxation accessible to everyone. To learn more tips or to book a massage, please visit

About Elements Massage®

Elements Massage® is one of the nation’s premier massage therapy brands, with more than 240 independently-owned locations across the U.S. and Canada. Elements differentiates itself by providing consumers with a highly-customized and therapeutic massage through its industry-leading membership program, the Elements Wellness Program™. Members at each studio benefit from a highly-rated massage service on a month-to-month basis. As a high-growth franchise brand, Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC offers franchise ownership opportunities in select territories across the country. To learn more, visit

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