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Manage the Madness in March

Mar 17, 2016

Ah the madness! March brings the madness in droves. The most synonymous word associated with the month of March is, of course, madness. Certainly the NCAA tournament is the strongest influencer for this association. However, there are many of reasons why this month can bring the madness, beyond just basketball.

March is about change: change in the weather and change from daylight savings. It’s also about stress that can come from the tournament itself and preparing for the tax season. For many, change and stress can coincide when change creates stress. Whether you are a basketball player, fan or taxpayer, everyone’s ability to cope with stress varies, however one great option for all, and perhaps the most beneficial, is massage therapy.

March is considered one of the most exciting times of the basketball season, but it can also create tension. The players themselves have been grinding for months for the opportunity to be one of the 68 squads playing in the tournament. Muscles are tired and many players have small injuries or ailments. Recovery time during the tournament to relax overstressed muscles is vital. Massage can improve overall athletic performance and combat physical and mental stress.

Sports massage offers a number of benefits that keep the body in better condition for a longer lasting athletic career. Massage can stimulate blood circulation and lymph fluids using trigger point therapy to break down knots in the muscles. It can also help extend an athletic career by restoring mobility to injured muscles. For athletes and fans alike, endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, are also released through massage. Endorphins help to relax the body, reduce anxiety levels, provides pain relief and improve overall well-being. For fans whose teams suffer a heart-wrenching, highly stressful and unexpected loss, massage may be the best remedy to speed up the mourning process.

Elements Massage™ is fully aware of the madness of March. To encourage the stress relieving benefits of massage, many Elements studios around the nation are currently introducing “Calm Cards” for studio employees to randomly hand to people who are experiencing stress. Maybe it’s a mom with screaming kids at the grocery store, a waitress who drops a tray full of dishes or a basketball fan who can’t deal with the season ending buzzer beater, but when a stressful moment is observed, a Calm Card should be deployed. The recipient will have the opportunity to receive a pre-determined discount for a massage at a local participating studio.

Elements’ goal is to have Calm Cards reach the hands of those who truly need their stress to be addressed. Maybe, after sharing these cards with people in need, Elements can have a calming effect during the months of March and April. April is National Stress Awareness Month, a great reminder that while stress can be debilitating, regular massage can help manage and reduce those levels of high stress.

So, don’t let the madness in March tie you in knots. Manage it with massage, and good luck with your NCAA brackets!

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