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Who Is Your Hero and Why?

Marisa C.
Elements Medford

"My mom: an innovator and advocate, and a creative, intelligent, remarkable, single parent who raised me and my sister. My mom is an achiever and a survivor while remaining a humble human being. She is ahead of her time!"

Suzanne M.
Elements Chandler/Ahwatukee

"One of my instructors. He is enthusiastic, passionate and gives freely of his time and his talent. He inspires people to be try and be better at everything they do."

Melinda S.
Elements Medford

"My dad because he found creative ways to overcome a lot of adversity in his life and always saw the humanity in a situation."

Tracey D.
Elements West Plano

"My Grandmother Jessie and Grandmother Treva. These grandmothers were the best grandmothers ever. They saved my life, taught me to explore the world, spent time with me, taught me compassion and loved me unconditionally."

Eugene R.
Elements Medford

"My hero is Spider-Man. I started to rock climb because of him."

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