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When Should I Not Get a Massage?

Kurt K.
Elements Chandler

"You shouldn't get a massage not only when you are sick, but also the days immediately following; a massage can rustle up any residing symptoms. Another time you shouldn't get a massage is if you have any alcohol in your system or you have been taking pain medication."

Gretchen T.
Elements Louisville East

"Three things come to mind: When you are sick, especially when you have a fever, the first 48 hours after you have had a serious fall or accident and when you have been drinking alcohol."

Jillian B.
Elements Medford

"When experiencing any systemic infection, when experiencing a flare-up of an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and when experiencing numbness or reduced sensation due to medication. Also, when healing from a soft-tissue injury you should avoid that specific area."

Dennis D.
Elements Greenville

"There are times when getting a massage is not advised: When someone has an active fever, inflammation due to injury, overly high blood pressure, infectious disease, skin conditions such as impetigo, active herpes or boils, varicose veins, hernia, skin cancers or all cancers where radiation or chemotherapy are involved.

"Sometimes problem areas can simply be avoided and massage given to other parts of the body. Or, as with chemotherapy and radiation, adjustments in massage style can be made.

"If you have any concerns, please speak with your therapist who is educated on such matters and can advise you. Some conditions may warrant not having a massage until your doctor is comfortable with your progress. But most times your therapist is trained in such matters and can offer you excellent alternatives or adjustments to your massage needs."

Matt S.
Elements Westford

"When there's a contraindication, meaning you have a health issue that massage will only aggravate or make worse. Examples are skin rashes over a good percentage of the body, broken bones, high fever, sunburn, or pneumonia -- basically any illness where the body is compromised. Massage increases blood flow and will potentially make a person sicker or make a skin rash spread."

Danielle K.
Elements The Woodlands

"Fortunately there aren't too many instances where massage would be contraindicated. However, there are certain instances where massage should be avoided. If the client is sick with a fever, on certain medications, consumed alcohol within a few hours of the massage, during the first trimester of pregnancy, has uncontrolled high blood pressure or uncontrolled pitting edema massage should be avoided altogether.

"Also, if a client has a flare-up of bursitis, arthritis, dermatitis or tendinitis massage should be avoided within that area. If a client is HIV/AIDS positive and has an open cut, massage needs to be avoided in the surrounding area or the therapist can wear gloves while giving the massage."

Wendy H.
Elements Glendale

"When you are intoxicated or hungover having a massage can make you inebriated again. Or when you have a rash on your body getting massage can cause it to spread to other areas."

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