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What's Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

Vee S.
Elements Greenville

"The smell, the cooler air, and the energy behind it. Autumn is a season of contentment, peacefulness, and the connectivity arising from deep inside every one of us. A time of searching where we are currrently and whether we are ready to move to a different place in life, or whether it is time to just be still for a little longer."

Danny P.
Elements Westford

"I love the fall because of the beautiful colors you see when the leaves turn, and the start of the football season. Also the delicious cider and donuts. They're all a part of a perfect fall day."

Danielle K.
Elements The Woodlands

"I love everything about fall. From the change in season, to the pumpkin-laced food and beverages, the smell of homemade memories and the celebration of my child's birthday. I can literally feel the positive energy resonate through everything and everyone. Not to mention it's a great indicator of the upcoming magical holiday -- Christmas!"

Mandi P.
Elements Glendale

"The weather! It's the season that leads to holiday time and time spent with those we love. It just has a 'feel good' energy about it. Lower temperatures allow me to get outside, run and connect with nature."

Meredith M.
Elements Timonium

"Fall is my favorite time of year! It means warm bright colors, yummy flavorful foods and being thankful with family, candy corn, pumpkin picking with my son, costume wearing, trick-or-treating and oh yeah ... RAVENS!"

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