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What Was Your Favorite Childhood Vacation?

Tracey D.
Elements West Plano

"Camping with my family along the Suwannee River. Canoeing with my dad, who was a tough cop but knew nothing about the outdoors, Which always made life interesting! And camping with my mom in Colorado in Glacier Basin. We nearly froze to death but I decided that night I would never freeze again because I would master fire starting and fire building. And I did. And now I teach it!"

Laurie S.
Elements Novi

"I did not go on vacations as a child. But my children have grown up at Camp Michigania, a family camp. It is arguably on the most beautiful lake in the United States, Walloon Lake. It is how we mark time in our family. We go every year at the same week. I have watched my children grow up here."

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

"I was raised in Ohio and Cedar Point Amusement Park was always on our list of places my brother and sisters just had to go to in the summer. One year, my dad piled us in the car and drove us the three hours to the park so we could ride the roller coasters and crazy spinning rides. It is important to note that he was horribly afraid of these rides and had zero interest in riding them with us. The year I remember most vividly is the year I was too short to ride the Blue Streak roller coaster; but the ride operator said that I could go if my dad would ride with me. And he did. I didn't realize until I was older how difficult that must have been for him and what a sacrifice he made for me when he pulled that bar down across his lap. It is by far my favorite 'vacation' memory from my childhood."

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