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What Makes for a Good "Tableside Manner''?

Joe H.
Elements Acton

"Treating my clients with respect by listening to what type of massage they want and all of their non-verbal communication. Another part of tableside manner is making sure that both my client and myself feel safe and comfortable."

Gretchen T.
Elements Louisville East

"Besides giving a warm smile, I always ask them how they are feeling today and how they felt after their last session. If the client wants to show me where it hurts, I touch the area if it's appropriate such as the arms, back or shoulders. If the client is new or I have not seen them before, I tell them my name again before I leave the room. I also like to ask if they have any questions for me after I finish the assessment."

Carlton M.
Elements Centennial

"I believe in making sure the client always feels that they are comfortable, whether it's getting them a cup of water during the session or escorting an elderly client who may need additional assistance getting to the restroom. Their comfort is always the number one priority."

Ana G.
Elements Westford

"I think making the person as comfortable as possible is always going to be number one. This means taking the time to really lsiten and find out what they want to get out of the massage. Clearly explain what will go on during the session and follow through, of course. Always be considerate and respectful of clients' requests, and always be personable."

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