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What Makes a "Good" Massage "Good"?

Misha T.
Elements Louisville East

"A good massage requires training and skill. A great massage requires intention and presence. If you are simply going through a routine, your massage will feel very routine. It is when we are present in each moment and stroke -- when we put healing intentions into our hands -- that our massage becomes great."

Karen C.
Elements Medford

"Having the communication and focus on what the client wants. Make sure the pressure is OK and give them recommendations."

Helen B.
Elements Medford

"Customizing the client's massage to their needs and wants, and making sure you meet their expectatons."

Lora S.
Elements Louisville East

"To me, a "good" massage would start with the therapist not just listening to their client's needs, but also comprehending what they've been told and communicating their plan of action with each client. Explaining why a specific muscle set may need more attention than another and also always having compassion for your client.

"During the massage, slow, focused work is always beneficial and completing each stroke makes such a difference. Staying "in" the session and not losing focus as a therapist also makes for a better massage.

"Communication is extremely important, whether its asking about pressure, the temperature on the table, or if the head rest is comfortable! A "good" massage should leave the client relaxed, feeling amazing and ready to take on the rest of their day!"

Carmen R.
Elements Medford

"To give 100% to the person on the table."

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