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What Is Your Favorite Summer Sport or Activity?

Alli W.
Elements Costa Mesa

"A couple years ago I discovered the sport of stand up paddleboarding. It's great family summer fun for ocean lovers!"

Jennifer M.
Elements Rockville Centre

"Swimming and playing pool."

Diane P.
Elements Rockville Centre

"Hanging out at the beach club."

Karen C.
Elements Medford

"Beach, lake, fishing, cruises, dance, outdoor sports, camping -- mostly everything!"

Jen Y.
Elements Medford

"Spending my days at the beach and my nights at a bonfire."

Marisa C.
Elements Medford

"Going to the ocean -- any ocean!"

Tracey D.
Elements West Plano

"Aquatic sports! I'm all about water -- skiing, boating, swimming, rafting, canoeing, fishing. Just being in, on or near water!"

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