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What Injuries Do People Most Commonly Treat with Massage?

Rhonda I.
Elements Palatine

"Now that it is spring, excitement for better weather will motivate weekend warriors to try and jam a winter's worth of exercise and activities in one weekend. The most common injuries we will see people using massage to treat will be pulled quads and hamstrings, shoulder and trapezius pulls, and stiff neck muscles."

Angel W.
Elements Florence

"Low-back gluteal pain, which usually turns out to be an extremely tight piriformis muscle messing with the sciatic nerve. The other main issue is a tight and sore neck and upper trapezius. Both respond well to massage, trigger work and stretching."

Jen H.
Elements Centennial

"I have a lot of people that come and see me with back or shoulder injuries."

Shannon L.
Elements Needham

"I'm not sure 'injuries' is the best word. Maybe 'pathologies' is better. I see a lot of folks with neck and shoulder tension as well as lower back tension. A lot of issues come from repetitive daily motions that have been repeated over time. For instance, someone who sits sideways at a computer; think about which muscles are being shortened/lengthened. If someone does this every day for their job, a pathology arises."

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

"Headache pain is one of the biggest issues our clients bring with them to our studio. Not surprisingly, we find that headaches are a primary driver of those last-minute "please tell me you have a therapist available" calls that we get. Whether stress-induced or from sleeping wrong the night before, nothing knocks someone off of their game faster than a headache. Sometimes, just walking into our dimly lit, warm, cozy rooms is enough to start the healing process. The therapist's skill is just icing on the cake."

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