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What Are Some Ways to Reduce Stress While Driving?

Amy O.
Elements Chandler/Ahwatukee

"Listen to relaxing music and relax your neck and shoulders. And turn off your cell phone ringer to not be distracted."

Susy N.
Elements Rockville Centre

"Kids can be a major source of stress on the road, with cries of "I'm hungry!" "He's on my side of the seat!" and "Are we there yet?" A portable entertainment system can keep kids occupied while drivers focus. A portable entertainment system also can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, and it even works in hotel rooms, at tailgate parties and on camping trips.

"Also, an in-seat massage unit can help relieve sore muscles after a tough day at the office or at the gym."

Diane P.
Elements Rockville Centre

"While a nice-smelling car won’t make your problems go away, there are certain scents that may induce mood changes. Scents like lavender, vanilla and peppermint have been proven to be relaxing and stress-reducing. You should try and look for air fresheners with essential oils."

Tammy C.
Elements Medford

"Make sure the seat position is ergonomically correct with proximity to steering wheel, tilt, and height to floor with your side controls. Discomfort from driving may be related to improper positioning. Use cruise control whenever you safely can to allow more movement while driving.

"Avoid holding a phone to your ear, as well. This makes a fixed head position and is unsafe. Drivers with the phone to an ear don't tend to look left and right."

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