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What Are Some of Your Favorite Massage Techniques?

Paul B.
Elements Centennial

"I like to do cranial sacral work -- head and lower back -- with myofascia and reflexology. I also like using vibration as I find it helps to relax the muscles better."

Ana G.
Elements Westford

"I enjoy giving a deep tissue massage to release tension throughout the body. But my absolute favorite is a firm Swedish massage. It allows the body and mind to relax and reduce any stress and tension. Sometimes, all your body needs is to relax for a while to reboost enery and release tension."

Silvia M.
Elements Greenville

"I use a combination of Swedish, shiatsu, soft tissue release, reflexology and lomilomi. I deal with the whole body, even though specific site work may be requested restoring the balance that is needed for wellness. I have other methods that I also use, but I take and use the methods and work that will help restore that balance. People are varied and unique and that is why I adapt the massage to each person's needs."

Angel W.
Elements Florence

"Positional release, myofasical release and neuromuscular. I enjoy helping clients relax and chill, but my passion is in the "get-in-there-let's-get-to-the-issue-and-fix-it" session."

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