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Waiting On You Hand and Foot

As Old Man Winter blows in dry, cold weather this time of year, your hands and feet may be suffering from dry conditions, irritated skin and stiff muscle aches. Your hands and feet can really take a beating throughout the course of your busy life, but especially during the winter season, making this time of the year the best season to give your hands and feet the attention they deserve.

If you and your spouse’s hands and feet need some warming and reinvigorating tender loving care, try the following hand and foot care techniques to pamper each other this winter.

Give Your Hands the TLC they Deserve: Sitting by a warm fireplace or snuggled under your favorite blanket, pamper your spouse by massaging out all of the kinks and tension in his/her hands. Begin massaging at the base of the thumb area by applying circular pressure and hitting all of the pressure points around the thumb area. Gently move to the web area between the thumb and first finger, repeating the circular movements as you move to the padding between each finger at the palm. Massage both the palm and side of each hand, remembering to relax and breathe as you pamper your special someone.

Give Your Feet a Relaxing Treat: After shoveling snow all winter long and running around to school, work and family events, your feet may be feeling tired, sore and neglected. Treat your feet to a relaxing foot massage with your special someone. With your knees and feet propped on a comfortable pillow, roll a tennis ball forward and back on the arch of the foot, followed by side to side. Complete the foot massage by placing the ball on the heel and make circular motions to release all of the tension that builds up in your feet.

Rejuvenate Dry Skin with Overnight Moisturizing: The skin on your hands and feet should be soft and tender, but after frequent hand washing during the winter flu season and boot wearing during snow season, your skin can be left feeling rough, dry and brittle. To transform your hands and feet from unfavorable winter conditions, add moisturizing cream or warm massage oil to your hand and foot massages. Also, apply a moisturizing cream to your feet and hands before bed and cover them with socks and gloves while you sleep to allow your skin to absorb and soak in the much-needed moisture.

Pamper Yourself and Your Special Someone with a Therapeutic Massage: Step out of the cold and into your local Elements Therapeutic Massage studio this winter for a warm, relaxing massage that will not only pamper your hands and feet, but also revive and rejuvenate your body’s cold, stiff muscles and dry skin. Whether you choose to warm up your muscle tissue with a relaxing Swedish massage or a therapeutic hot stone massage, the expert massage therapists at Elements will wait on you hand and foot to give you a truly pampering and therapeutic massage experience.

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