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The Importance of Self-Care

The stores are awash in seas of pinks and reds. Commercials and ads are imploring you to think of ways that you can show your loved ones how you feel about them. Should it be flowers? Candy? Heart-shaped pizza and doughnuts? There is no shortage of “helpful” suggestions for how to commemorate Valentine’s Day.

Can we add one more suggestion for your Valentine’s Day? What about showing yourself some love? What – you weren’t on your short list of Valentine recipients?

Perhaps you feel guilty taking time for yourself. Or you feel like you’re too busy. Or you feel like you’re being greedy or selfish by practicing healthy self-care. Au contraire, my friend.

  • Self-care helps you process stress in a healthier way. Life can be stressful – there’s no way around it. Taking proper care of yourself helps your stress to not get the best of you.
  • Self-care helps you to step away and refocus. When you get out of survival mode, even for an hour or two, it can help you to reprioritize and enjoy a renewed focus on what’s important.
  • When you love and care for your body, it will love you back.
  • Self-care helps you avoid debt. An energy debt, that is. Your energy and passion are among your most valuable assets. When those are depleted, you’ve got nothing left to help you enjoy your favorite things, your favorite people, and the things that make you YOU.

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally is not only NOT selfish, it helps to ensure that you can live up to your potential. Don’t you want to be the very best employee, spouse, friend, parent, sibling, and volunteer that you can be? Basically, taking care of yourself allows you to be able to take care of others in a healthy and effective way. The flight attendants have it right when they instruct fliers to take care of their own oxygen mask before helping someone else. If you’re toast, then you’re useless when it comes to aiding someone else.

Massage happens to be an ideal component for healthy self-care. Not only does it feel great, but it helps to care for many aspects of your wellness. Getting a massage on a regular basis improves your immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep, and helps ward off depression. On that note, have you gotten to experience the new and improved YOUtopia at Elements? At Elements, we strive to make your massage a healing experience that is just right for YOU. Your body, your massage preferences, and your wellness are unique to you. That’s why we feel that your massage should be unique, too. As a valued member of our YOUtopia program, your massage will be catered to your needs by your massage therapist. After all – you spend a lot of energy and time making sure the needs of others are met. Why not let someone worry about you for a change? Talk about a lovely YOUtopian experience!

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