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Thanks to Elements

I would like to say to all who have muscular skeletal pain due to soreness resulting from working in the yard or wearing 65 pounds of body armor, helmet, ammo, weapons and a 75 pound medical aid bag all over Afghanistan for a year, a good peaceful relaxing massage sure made me feel good when I came home. I have been in places and work my body past it's "normal" use here in the USA and overseas and I am thankful for the care and staff at Elements when I am having sore and stiff muscles from overuse. If I could have had the staff move a team over seas I know they would have been busy 24/7, and that is a fact.

Thank you Elements for all that you do. Also, thank you for taking care of my loved ones while I was in Afghanistan. When I called you from over there you gave me one of your specials and called my loved one, who was on crutches from multiple foot surgeries and was sore from crutching everywhere she went, and told her she had a massage coming from me and when do you want to set an appointment.
I was in a 3rd world country and they billed my debit card and called my girl to set the appointment. How is that for taking care of customers and for technology? Cool!

Thank you so much for being there for me and mine. You have helped me get back to work and feeling good.

SFC Tim G.
Senior Medic
Deployed to Afghanistan October 2009-October 2010

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