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Shape Up Your Summer Body, While Rejuvenating Your Mommy Spirit

Moms spend most of their waking hours as caretakers – taking care of running a busy household, juggling work and family schedules, and caring about the health and happiness of friends, family members and even clients. Many times, though, caring for others is done at the expense of caring for themselves.

In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, it is time to start taking care of all the mothers out there who run their minds and bodies thin in an effort to care for everyone and everything that is important to them and their families. Caring for mothers starts with giving them the relaxation and rejuvenation they deserve with frequent massage therapy sessions tailored toward helping them reach their mind and body goals this summer.

To help moms get their bodies and minds ready for summertime activities, regular massage can be an excellent tool for repairing, reinvigorating and reshaping a women’s body. Whether you are striving to trim down winter’s last pounds or tone your body for fun summertime activities in the sun, massage can produce positive results for losing weight and firming up your body. It is time to bring in the massage troops to shape up your body and rejuvenate your mommy spirit.

  • Waist Reduction: Scientific studies have linked massage therapy with a reduction in cellulite, as the firm pressure of a typical massage may aide in breaking up fat capsules in the body’s tissues, enabling the body to absorb and shed cellulite. Massage also can have a positive effect on weight loss efforts by reducing the production of cortisol (high stress hormone) in your body. When you are stressed out, it can be difficult for your body to lose weight, even if you are eating healthy, as cortisol inhibits the body from releasing fat and toxins.
  • Positive Attitude: Incorporating massage into your health and wellness regimen can also transform a weight loss program from a dreaded experience to a more positive one. Instead of focusing on cutting out your favorite foods and depriving your body to meet your desired body shape, massage can turn the experience into a rewards-based environment that is focused on caring for your body and rebuilding the mental and physical pieces you may have lost over time.
  • Body Cleanse: Deep tissue massage techniques can help cleanse the body by helping eliminate toxins that can collect in your muscles after strenuous exercise. Massage also is an excellent agent for minimizing toxic attitudes that can weigh down your self consciousness and self esteem. The relaxing environment of a therapeutic massage not only motivates your mind and body to achieve wellness goals by energizing your attitude, but it also can establish a winning attitude that can set you up for accomplishing anything you focus your mind on.
  • Repair Muscles: Sports massage is a key element to soothing common muscle aches and pains caused from increased activity during the spring and summer months. As your activity levels increase, you may not always stretch, ice, heat or rest your tired muscles as often as you should. Regular monthly massages can provide the tune up that your body needs to stay up and running.

All mothers, and women in general, want to look good and feel good about their bodies. Massage is the solution the help you accomplish both – but the secret is receiving regular massage therapy sessions. Start taking care of your mom today by giving her the gift of massage this Mother’s Day. If you are a mother, you don’t have to wait until your kids or spouse are clued in on the benefits of massage. You can start adding yourself to the list of things and people you take care of by scheduling monthly therapeutic massages for yourself for the rest of the year.

So, come celebrate your motherhood this Mother’s Day with Elements Therapeutic Massage. The skilled therapists at Elements can tailor a monthly plan for helping you accomplish your body shape and health goals this summer. Call your local Elements massage studio today to begin shaping up for summertime fun.

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