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Complement Your Physical Therapy Routine with Massage

If you’ve ever had an injury, surgery or have a future operation planned, one of the most common concerns you probably have is how long you’re going to be in recovery mode. To help enhance your recovery and complement your physical therapy routine post-surgery or post-injury, Elements Massage recommends incorporating regular massage therapy sessions with an experienced therapist into your recovery routine.

Minimize the Toll on Your Body

Getting a massage that focuses on range of motion as soon as your doctor approves after a surgery or injury can help minimize the toll that your body goes through during the actual surgical procedure. Relaxing muscle tension and promoting the healing of tissue around the surgical or injury area, also can be beneficial to speeding up recovery times and helping prevent additional pain.

Enhance Physical Therapy Results

Physical therapy can be a really effective way to build muscle strength, range of motion and functionality after a surgery or injury. But, it can lead to you feeling sore and uncomfortable after working your weakened muscles. And, if you don’t do the homework required after a physical therapy session, then you might not experience the results you are hoping for. Adding massage therapy as another healing element to physical therapy can help recuperate your sore muscles after a physical therapy session, as well as provide an additional designated time to work on promoting muscle elasticity and range of motion.

Full Mind, Body Approach Realizes Best Results

In addition to focusing on the muscles affected directly by an injury or surgery, it is important to address all of the muscles throughout your body that may be compensating for your injured area. It also is important to have an outlet for releasing the mental fatigue and stress associated with your physical event. Massage can help you accomplish both by providing a total mind and body approach to healing, restoring and recuperating after an injury or surgery.

Using soft tissue movements, stretching and working on the muscles around the joints, the highly experienced massage therapists at Elements Massage can help complement your recovery strategy so you’re back to what you love doing in no time. To start adding the power of massage into your physical therapy and recovery routine, visit today to find the Elements Massage location nearest to you.

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