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Massage the Natural Relief for the Common Cold

Massage the Natural Relief for the Common Cold

We all know the feeling; it starts with a scratch on the back of the throat, then you’re tired, and then you cough. Yep, you’ve got a cold. It's a pretty common feeling around this time of year, between your children bringing germs home from school and the added stress of the season changing — it is a popular time for the common cold to just pop into your life. However, before you reach for the over the counter decongestants and cough medicine — try some natural cold relief like massage therapy. 

Heal with Stress Relief 

Did you know that is one of the most harmful things to your immune system? When the seasons change, we are more susceptible to colds because we all have a little more anxiety and stress. Regular massage therapy promotes deep breathing that helps lower your stress levels as well as your blood pressure. While reducing your stress, massage also increases endorphins that work to build up your immune system to help you fight off the pesky cold. 

A Quick Recovery 

If you do get a cold, massage therapy can also help you recover faster. Massage increases the flow of blood and fluids that help nourish your body. Increasing blood flow also helps your body fight off germs and toxins in your system and contributes to removing any waste or germs from your body. If your cold symptoms include congestion in your head and chest, you’ll also feel relief and notice draining after your massage. 

Although massage is good for colds, it’s also important to be mindful of your massage therapist and communicate your symptoms. As always, drink plenty of fluids and get rest with a cold, especially after a massage. Massage therapy helps keep your immune system healthy and ready for the cold season. The next time you start sniffling, try a relaxing massage for natural cold relief. A massage therapist from Elements Massage™ will create a relaxing, custom massage to help you heal. Visit to find your local studio.  



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Comments (3)

Lyn Eden on Dec 24, 2017
I don't agree that massage will be good for anyone coming down with a cold. Besides overloading the lymph system therected is a possibility of having the massage therapist catch and spredictable it to other clients.
Sounds like you are trying to reach more clients

MaeUSA on Jan 13, 2018
I agree with this blog and while I know nothing about massage therapy I have a fair understanding of the muscular and skeletal systems and I've had aches and pains so I know what I would like. But most of the posts against massage when someone has a cold is more about their personal germaphobic tendencies and self and other clients. So your massage must be for pleasure and not for the soul. If you ever see someone with a severe head cold you will note that they rub their face and head and neck. The pressure is there and massage is an instinctual activity. Imagine that's called natural for a reason. We are around 20k to 30k germs EVERYWHERE, including our own homes...we've just built antibodies/resistance, naturally,'s new germs that make our immune systems get wacked out. I believe in massage therapy for the body and the soul and pray anyone who needs this relief can find someone who isn't afraid of germs. Cooties? Totally different. ;)

Valerie on Feb 20, 2018
Massage therapy is NOT cold/flu relief! If you are too sick for work, you are too sick for a massage. It is irresponsible for this massage chain to say otherwise. Get rest, drink plenty of fluids, massage yourself with a tennis ball and when you are better you can resume massage. This insures you wont spread your germs to the therapist and other clients they may see that day.