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Integrative Reflexology® 101

When you think of reflexology, what comes to mind? Questionable storefronts in strip malls? Claims that your kidneys are connected to your pinky toes? Far-fetched pseudo-medical fiction? What if we told you that reflexology is, in fact, a valid and valuable wellness practice? What if reflexology is not only just something you should think about trying, but ends up becoming a vital part of your own wellness self-care? Feel like you need some schooling on the topic? Yeah, we thought so. Read below to get the facts about reflexology, and why Integrative Reflexology® is a great “must-try” for your next appointment at Elements Massage™.

  • Reflexology, by definition, is the treatment of conditions and ailments by massaging points on the hands, feet, and head that are thought to be linked to other parts and functions of the body, such as the organs and systems.

  • Your feet, where much reflexology is centered, contain more nerve endings per square inch than any other area on your body.In fact, the sole of your foot contains over 200,000 nerve endings.Your feet and ankles also contain roughly ¼ of the bones found in your entire body, and over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments.No wonder we want you to take care of your feet!

  • It is believed that reflexology was first performed by ancient Egyptians, around 2400 B.C.There is also evidence that it was in practice in early Japan, China, and India.Reflexology has gained popularity in the US over the last 30 years or so, and continues to grow as more people embrace this form of massage as a necessity for good health.

  • A few of the hundreds of examples of how different areas of the body can be positively affected by reflexology:
  1. Your four smaller toes contain paths to your sinuses
  2. The tip of your big toes are linked to your brain
  3. The area under your baby toe is linked to your shoulders
  4. The ball of your foot, under your big toes, contains a path to your heart

  • Having the art of reflexology performed on you during a massage can bring about an increase in energy and a deep relaxation simultaneously.It can also improve digestion, help cure sleep disorders, reduce chronic pain, help relieve allergies, and reduce depression.

Elements Massage™ is proud to feature Integrative Reflexology® at our studios. Integrative Reflexology® is a unique and exciting wellness practice that combines the ancient art of reflexology with the full-body massage that you’ve grown to love at Elements Massage™ . By combining these two healing practices into one massage session, you’re sure to have a superior experience, and are really getting the most out of your appointment. Integrative Reflexology® is especially beneficial for those who experience swelling in their ankles, legs, or feet; or those who are in great need of an extra dose of relaxation.

If your New Year’s Resolutions include putting your health and wellness at the top of your priority list, then making an appointment at Elements Massage™ for an Integrative Reflexology® massage is a great first step. Feel free to contact your closest studio if you have questions about this, or any of our types of healing massage. May 2017 be your healthiest year yet.

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