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How Will I Feel After My Massage Session?

Fallon O.
Elements Westford

"It all depends on what the client comes in for. Some clients just want to come in and relax and de-stress. Other clients come in because they feel like they need to get "beat up" and believe the massage is more beneficial when you're sore. Either way, every client should leave feeling like they got the massage they came in for."

Sean C.
Elements Medford

"After massage one feels renewed, lighter and a bit fuzzy. Sometimes sore, but only for a few days until you feel great."

Bonnie V.
Elements Wilsonsville

"Immediately after the session most people feel relaxed, less stressed, and frequently like they need a nap. Some people feel invigorated and want to do something active, and others are very spacy for a while.

"The morning after a massage you can have several different sensations depending on the type of massage you had done. If you had a relaxing massage then you will probably still feel relaxed, maybe lighter, more energy, and less stressed. If you had a deeper massage or some specific work done you can feel sore in the targeted areas. This will feel like you worked out a bit too much and usually only lasts 24 hours, 48 at the most. When the soreness dissipates most people feel amazing, pain-free, with better mobility. Drinking an extra 10-20 ounces of water the day of a massage helps to reduce the soreness and increase the relaxed feeling."

Christina R.
Elements Centennial

"It depends on what you came in for. If you came in with pain, expect to feel some discomfort from the work that was done to relieve that pain. Usually any discomfort should subside after a day or so. If you're coming in for relaxation, then you should feel just that -- more relaxed, even a little drowsy and ready for a nap!"

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