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How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Mandy H.
Elements Medford

"Any amount of massage is helpful, but most people would really benefit from at least one session per month. If you have noticed that you have enough tension to interfere with your daily life, more frequent massage may be necessary at first as the tissue may initially resist letting go."

Paul B.
Elements Centennial

"I would say at least once a month, more if you feel you need it. We take our cars in to keep them running well, so why not take care of our body the same way with monthly massage?"

Silvia M.
Elements Greenville

"The client first needs to establish an initial massage with a therapist, whether it is recommended by a physician or the client's own desire/need. The client needs to listen to and understand what their body is telling them in terms of pain, stiffness, injury, illness or a release from stress, which is a major factor in our daily lives. Stress affects us in many ways and can cause many conditions that we are just beginning to acknowledge.

"The appointment should be scheduled in relation to the need. This unique and individual schedule is tailored to the client's need and situation, thus it varies. The power of just a simple relaxation massage will help maintain balance and wellness, accelerate the body's ability to maintain, and increase its ability to heal."

Joe B.
Elements Glendale

"I recommend getting as many as necessary to break all chronic holding patterns, then switch to 'as needed' to maintain."

Nancy N.
Elements Wilsonville

"I feel that people who have no current issues should receive a massage once a month in order to stay moving well and feeling good. People who have tight muscles or adhesions should get a massage more often until their issues are resolved, as often as once a week."

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