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How Massage Can Help You Get Ready for Summer

Weekend Warrior, summer is here, and come Saturday, you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re gardening, hiking, playing a sport, or hosting friends and family for a meal on the patio, you plan to soak up as much summer fun as you can. Whatever summer finds you doing, massage can be the perfect accompaniment to all of your summer activities, and is a key element to keeping your body healthy. Here are the top 5 reasons you need regular massages this summer.

  1. Because it’s tennis or softball or Frisbee or water skiing or hiking or biking season, and as impressive as your athletic prowess is (or not)- these activities are sure to put a bit of strain on your muscles. Making regular massage a priority can help make sure your playing season isn’t cut even shorter by a strained muscle. Not only does receiving massage after exertion help fight inflammation (read about a study here: ), but massage can actually help prevent the likelihood of hurting your muscles in the first place by keeping your muscles lengthened and more fluid.
  2. Because you hate having ankles as round as your thighs. If the heat makes your feet, ankles, or hands swell, after consulting your doctor, massage should be on your short list of to-dos. Receiving massage can help drain the lymph nodes all over your body, encouraging the movement of waste material and blood flow. The fact that this process can also help boost your immune system is an added bonus, because nothing shuts down summer fun faster than summer sickness.
  3. Because your kids are now around – like, ALL the time (and they’re always hungry), or you have the relatives coming in town to stay with you, or your job ramps up big time in the summer months. Let’s face it – as lovely as summer is, it can leave you feeling stressed. The good news for you is that massage can be really effective at reducing the stress hormone cortisol, lowering blood pressure, and reducing heart rate. With the extra time you have around these loved ones during the summer, don’t you want to be at your very relaxed and happiest?
  4. Because “you time” shouldn't be put on hold just because it’s summer. Yes, you’re busy. Yes, you have trips planned and family visiting and outdoor hobbies to take your time. However, making yourself a priority should remain just as important during these summer months. With your kids around more, you’re showing them just how important self-care is.
  5. Because your to-do list is intimidatingly long. We’re guessing that you’ve got your share of mowing, gardening, painting, landscaping, or cleaning to do. Massage not only feels great, it is like medicine for your muscles and tendons, minus the actual medicine. Not that we recommend that you replace your regular medical care with massage, but if massage allowed you to take fewer over-the-counter pain management pills, wouldn’t it be worth it? Plus, after all of your hard work, you definitely deserve a soothing massage.

Your reasons for making an appointment with your massage therapist can be vastly varied, depending on your workload, emotional state, and physical needs. With the YOUtopia program at Elements Massage®, your massage therapist can cater any massage to exactly what your body needs. This can ensure a healing and therapeutic experience – just for YOU, every single time.


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