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How Do You Make Someone Who Has Never Had a Massage Comfortable?

Carmen R.
Elements Medford

"You have to build trust with the client. Proper draping when massaging a client is important, and also to be honest and up front with them."

Carlton M.
Elements Centennial

"After the client has informed me why they are coming in for a massage, I let them know what I will be doing throughout the massage. I also let them know that if they have any questions pertaining to the massage to ask. I believe as a therapist it is important to educate our clients, especially clients who are new to massage."

Karen Q.
Elements Louisville East

"I would assure the person they would be properly draped at all times and that their comfort level throughout the massage is my primary focus."

Danielle K.
Elements The Woodlands

"If you are brand new to massage and want an idea of how it will feel without undressing, chair massage is a great option. Although chair massage can be awesome, a full body massage is where it's at! For my first-time clients, I always explain what to expect. I suggest they dress down to their comfortability level and we always drape. If the client still seems a bit nervous, I will usually avoid the glute massage and focus more on their feet in order to help them relax. I always check in periodically to make sure the client is comfortable and the pressure is OK for them. They usually come out asking, 'Why haven't I done this sooner?!'"

Rich F.
Elements Glendale

"During the intake interview with the client, make sure you explain how you do the massage, how you will drape each part of their body and that they are in control of the massage. Let them know they can tell you at any time to change pressure, stay on an area, or leave the area. It is about their comfort level, not the therapist's. Let them know you will be checking in with them through out the massage to make sure they are comfortable and that the pressure is right. Let them know they are the boss and you are their tool to feeling better."

Matt S.
Elements Westford

"I usually explain the whole massage process and tell them that the only areas that are exposed are the ones I'm going to be working on; otherwise they are covered. I also have them take a few deep breaths and have them relax their muscles as much as possible. I also try and be jovial and smile a lot and try to make them laugh; it makes the massage intake more personable."

Yvonne P.
Elements Florence

"I go into detail of what I will be doing and what to expect during the massage. They will be draped properly the whole time and will be checking in on pressure as well to make sure they are comfortable."

Sheila B.
Elements Lake Conroe

"Explain that they are in control and to just tell you if they would like more or less pressure. I also assure them that they will be covered the whole time except where I am working and I show them where the sheets will be folded down to and let them know they will be tucked in for extra comfort."

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