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How Can Someone Make Their Workplace Less Stressful?

Jenny P.
Elements Louisville East

"I've come across too many clients that have health issues because of their work environment. It should be the concern of management to provide an environment as conducive to productivity as possible. Proper equipment like ergonomic chairs and desks, an IT-free zone, an open door policy to discuss any issues that may arise without fear of consequences, educational in-service meetings and the time to take a "real" break can all help."

Jennifer M.
Elements Rockville Centre

"Make your workplace less stressful by doing breathing exercises like Qigong and by being happy with family and friends. Also eating right."

Silvia M.
Elements Greenville

"Do the best that you can and try not to make the small things that can be irritating or upsetting get to you. If you start to believe something, then you are giving it power. Some things should not be given this power. We all have different personalities; that is what makes this world unique and interesting. I only have control over what I do, not what someone else does."

Amy O.
Elements Chandler/Ahwatukee

"Hire a massage therapist! Monthly chair massages for employees not only boost morale, but also decrease stress. A happy employee is a productive one!"

Jana S.
Elements Glendale

"Have flowers around! Everyone always smiles when they see flowers."

James M.
Elements Mission Viejo Gateway Center

"Deep breathing exercises are extremely helpful, as well as the simple act of smiling -- even if you have to force it at first. Also, repeating to yourself, "There's nothing I can't handle," will make it true."

Carmen R.
Elements Medford

"Loving what you do, keeping a positive attitude and willingness to work, taking care of yourself emotionally and physically and maintaining good communication between yourself and management can all keep your stress levels down at work."

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