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Founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage shares what she has learned through turning loss into opportunity

Jan 20, 2011

Losing is a Great Beginning

Michele Merhib, founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, shares what she has learned through a long history of turning loss into opportunity.

I consider myself a winner because I have become one of the luckiest and most determined losers. When I finished massage school, I went into business for myself—thinking I had officially arrived. I had my dream job. No more corporate pressure, red tape, unhappy employees, and low morale. It was just me and a steady stream of clients.

And then, lucky me—the losses began piling up.

Adversity Can Be a Wake Up Call
About a year into my bliss, the country club where I rented a room was sold. The new owners did not want massage therapy, and I lost my first business location. I left kicking and screaming. I had been comfortable, happy, and everything was clicking. Suddenly, I thought my massage dream was over forever.

But losing that location was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Quit Fighting Change and Make the Most of It
Finally, I quit fighting my fate and took a step forward. I secured a retail space and opened a retail massage studio. I was no longer a room renter. I was involved in the construction process, developing business systems, and hiring employees.

This was the first of many experiences that taught me a great life lesson: What may seem frustrating at the time is an opportunity to grow. Being pushed out of the country club opened a new door for me, and I ran through it.

Let Go of the Way You Think Things Should Be
My idea was to open a general wellness center. Therapeutic massage would be just one of many services. I could see it all so clearly in my mind. The clients, however, saw something different. Demand dictated supply, and therapeutic massage became my core business. Being a rookie business owner, I had to lose my vision of the business I thought it should be in order to grow the successful business it needed to be. I let go of some employees so I could hire more massage therapists.

That's where the demand was, and I had to lose in order to win. And, boy, did I win.
Business grew. Demand grew. I opened a second location.

Loosen Your Tight Grip
I knew I could only do so much by myself, as a solo studio owner. Sure, I could have kept a successful business all to myself, stayed in my first location, kept a watchful eye on every aspect of my little domain, and never ventured outside that comfort zone. And I would have a small therapeutic massage studio with a limited number of people I could touch in positive ways. I would be owner and operator of an independent business. And everyone else would be my competitor.

Instead, I decided to be a loser. When I signed a contract with Fitness Together Holdings Inc. to franchise the concept, I let go of some of that control in order to share the wealth with others. Some might have thought I was giving it all away, but I knew I had to lose my tight hold on things in order for a good business to become a great national chain. Today there are 75 other studios in my same business, with the same name, who are not my competitors. That makes me the luckiest loser in the world.

A Step Backward Can Be a Leap Forward
In a tight economy, everyone has to tighten his or her belt. At the three Elements Therapeutic Massage studios I continued to co-own until recently, we had a great team of 45 employees. As business owners, our most important obligation was to make their payroll. But when client bookings grew lean in 2008 and 2009, I was faced with a tough decision. I could pay my studio managers, or I could pay myself. My partner and I agreed that we had to lose the studio managers and re-enter the daily operations of the business. I felt like I had lost again. Why did I have to go backwards?

Once again, the loss was a blessing in disguise. It had been a while since I actively managed a studio on a day-to-day basis. Here was a chance to revisit the nitty-gritty. I learned that the systems work if we work them, and I gained tremendous confidence in the business and systems I had created. They're as good today as they were when I created them. In fact, they're better due to the contributions of our amazing franchise owners.

Be Your Own GPS and Navigate Change
The landscape of life is always changing. A road we thought we’d be travelling forever can detour, disappear, or turn out to be heading in the wrong direction. It helps to have an internal GPS that can recalculate your route. If you want to make it as a massage therapist, manager, or business owner, know that losses can be great opportunities. Be resilient, check in with yourself after every wrong turn or unexpected obstacle, and stay on the journey.

Like it is for me, losing may be the secret to your success.

Michele Merhib is the founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage, based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There are currently 75 franchise locations in the United States. Visit or call 877.663.0880, ext. 51.

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Comments (4)

Elizabeth Williams on Aug 04, 2016
How can your palatine location and I have to assume the other locations advertise a 90 minute massage and then you only get an 80 minute massage. This is insane.. the reason they gave in a confirmation email was that they do a 10 minute intake assessment ... not my problem if you need to do a 10 minute assessment ask the client to get there early which they did ask me to arrive 15 minutes early... I purchased a groupon and no where on that deal did it mention an 10 minute assessment time would be deducted from your massage time... Donna did an excellent job but I will only go to a place that provides the time they advertise..When I book a 90 minute massage I expect to get a full 90 minute massage.

Jacqueline Brengettsy on Oct 28, 2016
I had my 3rd massage at the Roswell, Ga. location and out of 3 massages only 1 was great. Why? The very 1st scheduled massage, I was told that the therapist was in a car accident and they are awaiting the police arrival. I was told that I would get a call back but never did. So that was rescheduled. The 2nd massage was with the lead therapist and it was awesome. He hit all the right areas. Now I scheduled my 3rd appt with Ron the lead therapist and when I arrived today I saw a Courtney. No one called me and gave me the option to reschedule or anything. I informed Andrea that this is so tacky and that since this is my last massage I will use it and never be back. Her response was oh I remember you. I said it always something with your location. She never apologize or anything. I should have been given better service and I wanted the owner Michele Merhib to know that her business is not running the best way if can be ran. Me leaving effects Ron and his business. I would like to hear from the corporate events office of some resolutions to offer better service to customers. If it happened toe twice I know it has happened to others.

Horatio Heidegger on Jul 20, 2017
I think that Matt Mandalinci needs to man up and lose his little attitude and get over his anger issues. Just because you're loud like a mexican, doesn't mean you're "the man" haha. Also, you kinda ruined the lives of two beautiful young girls by separating them and their father without actually knowing who sent a specific email, thus the reason you got a protective order to separate them. Unfortunately, you had zero evidence to show in the courtroom that John Cagle himself actually sent the crazy email, you didn't see him do it, you didn't even care to hear who might've, you just kinda trapped him by making him talk to YOUR lawyer and signing something, when his very capable $5000 an hour lawyer had no idea it was happening, because John Cagle was very NAIVEEEEE let me repeat, he grew up in GROGAINS POINTTTTTT with all the other rich WHITE PEOPLEEEEEE... -_- so if you couldn't see that, then you sir are a manipulative scumbag and a terrible person that shouldn't be taken seriously or respected. You have three different wives with 5 random kids from all of them each, that's a direct result of your poor professionalism 1) your example as a man 2) and your greed for cute little power and money 3). To that I say GROW UP YOU FOOL, and make things right. Life is not a game, and now Duan has another kid with some random ass wanna be man, and it's wrong that he purposefully attempted to destroy a hurt relationship, but even more so by deliberately inseminating Duan when she already had two kids. The only option is for her to set the random kid up for adoption and make things right with John simply because you were wrong in the first place, and life isn't an "oh well, oops I destroyed the planet with nuclear bombs, I'll just move on from there and never make it right." Matt Mandalinci, you are a sociopath and until you make things right these comments will last throughout history dubbing you the fool of the century. You said John Cagle wouldn't ever be significant, then why's he in school for Architecture and Engineering with a minor in business? why has he already been to two major universities in exploring his options in higher education? He doesn't have tattoos or drug problems, if anything you are on meth 24/7 and making bad life decisions. Anybody with money can hire a lawyer to speak for him, and that's what makes you truly a coward Matt Mandalinci because you don't speak for yourself, you're simply a coward.

Chad Liberty on Feb 14, 2018
Hi- my name is Chad- I joined you're element massage of Edina 3+ mos ago. I must share what has happen with my experience. So- when I joined I was given (1) free 60min massage in Edina and (2) free 30min upgrades to add to my sessions. When I went to Edina to get my free massage +30 min it was very amateur, but the young lady just came up from Chicago and had a pretty sad story not to go in to the massage was fine and tiped her $25.

Now kinda back to the start- I was talking to a girl from online who manages one of your facilities. She was stressed on making a quota of getting to a certain number of memberships per month. I decided it would be nice to get massages on a monthly bases and seem to be a win,win for the both of us regardless. So I signed up! So we negotiated during business hours and being very professional since I've never technically met her. We agreed on the above statement.....she alse sent a copy by email stating it. Maybe a week later....i figure she wasn't my type (we never met). No issues, no big deal. So 3 months later I decide to start you utilizing what I've been paying for. I started with the free 60min+30 with the girl from Chicago ( Not to be rude but probly one of the worst massages I have ever had but great conversation) so when I came in Monica (the girl who set me up with membership) was there- we were cool no hard my free massage That I had to use in Edina....btw I'm from Stillwater area- some town of Lake Elmo, near the Woodbury which I planned on Utilizing my monthly massages as Edina is 50min away from me. I had a hard time Scheduling appointments that works with my work hours. So i desides to just cancel my memberships and just use the 3 i had banked up- as i was told i had to give a 30day notice. Then I got an email from elements of Edina saying that she Bo longer will give me my free 60min and it was taken out of my account because feels that she doesn't have to give a free one. This really was almost personal and very unprofessional. She said i only have the 1 banked. When i paided for 3. I have my contract Which stated everything that I'm telling you and even on my termination form said that i have 2 banked with 1 more pending. I have both signed contracts and an email chain of the events that happen today. I plan on calling the store tomorrow to try to resolve this- as it was really weird how this went down. I am willing to share all of it with whomever.

If you could ease help me with this it would be great! I don't have any bad feeling with company....just very confused on why this went down so horrible.

I hope this makes sense-

Please contact either by email or phone!

Thank you!
Chad Liberty