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Elements FAQs: How Often Should I Get Massage?

Our therapists often get asked: How often should I receive a massage?

The answer to this question depends on your reasons for receiving a massage.

  • For those who use massage as preventative care or to manage daily stress, one massage a month is common.
  • Weekly sessions may be necessary if you are receiving massage for injury relief or to relieve chronic tightness that is interfering with your daily life. If this is the case, weekly sessions are essential in order to build on each week's improvements in healing until the desired results have been achieved.

For most people, the frequency of massage visits depends on how well it fits into a budget. For this reason, Elements has a Wellness Program and many package and gift options to make it easy for you to afford the benefits of massage on a regular basis. Find out more about rates by visiting a studio's local website.

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