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Dress for Better Health

Fashionable or functional? Color that pops or blends? Comfortable material or eye-catching? Every day you stand in front of the clothes lining your closet faced with the important decision of picking the best outfit to flatter your figure, give you the attitude you need to succeed and provide the image you would like to portray to the public.

What you wear from head to toe can be one of the biggest influences on your daily mood, body posture and alignment. The following tips can help you pick outfits and accessories to reflect your personality, as well as dress you for better health.

Running Around in Heels and Sneakers
Wearing high heels with your favorite cocktail dress may make you feel more confident in a group of people and help you see eye-to-eye with all of the guests. But the damage to your body associated with squishing your toes into a narrow box and putting extra weight on the balls of your feet all day and night can have lasting effects. Even the sneakers you wear to workouts and the sandals you sport to run errands can put your feet in a bind if your shoes are old, worn out or don’t have adequate arch support to fit your foot’s structure.

“You shouldn’t be wearing any shoe that doesn’t have an arch,” advises Marisa Carter, massage therapist at Elements Medford.

Wearing shoes without arch support – whether it’s flip flops or stilettos – can lead to painful, throbbing feet at the end of the night, as well as cause pain and discomfort in your calf muscles, knee joints and hips. It’s important to add footwear into your wardrobe that is not only fitted appropriately to your foot – arch, size and width – but also helps to promote healthy balance and alignment for all areas your body. Dress your feet for style and health by picking shoes that mix fashion sense with support.

Lugging Around Handbags and Wallets
As you move up your body, other common areas that can be stressed by the outfit accessories you choose are the shoulders and hips. When you are accessorizing your outfit with jewelry, it is important to steer clear from heavy earrings and necklaces that can weigh down your head and neck. Carrying a heavy purse, handbag or briefcase day-in and day-out also can strain your shoulder and neck muscles as you lug around electronics, books, baby items and cosmetics in your on-the-go bag. Men who carry heavy wallets in the back pocket of their pants can cause undo stress on their hips and lower back, as well.

“Anything you wear that creates an imbalance can create a problem for your body,” warns Juliette Stuard, massage therapist at Elements West Chester.

Reducing the weight of your load, carrying your purse on both sides of your body and using a briefcase/work bag with a two-strap system can help with keeping your body more inline and in balance as you travel through your day.

Putting on Some Color
Picking the right colors and dressing up an outfit with the right combination of glitz and glam can make or break the image you are trying to portray through your wardrobe. According to Psychology Today, the colors you choose have a lot to say about your personality and image. Take a look at what your favorite colors might be saying about you.

  • Black : Artistic, Sensitive, Careful with Details, Doesn’t Share Easily
  • White: Organized, Logical, Clutter-Free Living
  • Blue: Harmony, Reliable, Sensitive, Thoughtful, Tidy
  • Green: Affectionate, Loyal, Frank
  • Yellow: Learner, Knowledge Sharer, Easily Happy
  • Purple: Artistic, Unique, Great Respect for People
  • Red: Tenacious, Determined, Live Life to the Fullest
  • Brown: Reliable, Dependable, Stable, Good Friend

As you pick out your wardrobe tomorrow morning, choose an outfit that not only makes you feel happy and confident but also promotes comfort and health for your body. Clothes don’t necessarily make you the person who you are on the inside, but they can have a great effect on the message you are communicating about yourself and the strain you are putting on your body. Dress well for your personality and your health.

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