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Do I Have to Listen to Whale Calls or Flutes During My Massage?

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

"The music -- whether it's flutes, whale calls or monks chanting (which I happen to love) -- adds another relaxing component to the massage. It's not the star of the show but can be the thing that lulls a client into a different place while on the table, which can be the difference between an OK massage and an excellent massage."

Jessica D.
Elements Timonium

"What I really like and find relaxing are the ocean sounds. Running water is always a go-to for me personally when I feel stressed or need to relax."

Cheri W.
Elements Henderson/Las Vegas

"Music can be part of the healing/relaxing experience!"

Trish D.
Elements West Plano

"When a new client comes in I keep the spa music on and eventually ask if they'd be interested in listening to something different or if they are OK with the spa music. One of my LMT friends has a sound machine in her room -- like the ones parents put in their baby's room -- so they can at least listen to some ocean waves during their massage. The one thing I absolutely won't do is turn the music off and stay in complete silence throughout a whole session."

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