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Do I Have to Get Completely Undressed for Massage Therapy?

Will S.
Elements Centennial

"No! You do not need to be completely undressed. We say "undress to your comfort level." Personally, as a therapist I prefer less clothing on my client as I can get the muscles a little more, and I can use many techniques. If you were fully clothed there would be a different glide and traction with the massage. When you are on my table, know that you will be covered with a sheet and blanket at all times except the area that I am working on. I want you to feel as comfortable as you can. This is your massage."

Angel Wossum
Elements Florence

"No, you do not. You can leave all your clothes on or undress to your comfort level. You will always be covered up, except for the area I need to massage. I will do my best to address the issues you came in for through your clothes; but please understand you will get better results and the techniques will feel better if they are not going through a layer of clothing."

Toni M.
Elements West Plano

"No, you do not. It is your preference. Even though it is easier for the therapist to get to your muscle tissue through skin-on-skin contact, it is not mandatory.

"If you prefer to keep clothing on, the therapist still has many different options. He or she can work through the clothing, or simply ask the client if they can temporarily move the article of clothing to work skin to skin. Or ask if the client wants that specific area to be touched.

"For example, if you are a female client and want primary focus on mid-upper back and prefer to leave your bra on, the therapist can ask to temporarily unhook your bra to work on the area you want focused on. When the therapist is done working on that area, the therapist should rehook your bra before moving to another area of your body."

Danny P.
Elements Westford

"No. You can undress to your own comfort level. Understand that clothing such as bras and t-shirts make the use of strokes difficult and can leave the therapist no alternative technique other than compressions, severely limiting the effectiveness. But as a therapist, we want our clients to be at their most comfortable, and this includes their choice as to how undressed they wish to be."

Jana S.
Elements Glendale

"You undress to your state of comfort. For chair massage you stay clothed, but for table it's up to the client. Yes, it is easier when the client is undressed. But it is the client's decision. A comfortable client will enjoy their session much more than an uncomfortable one."

Bonnie V.
Elements Wilsonville

"Although you can disrobe to your level of comfort for a massage, such as leaving on your underwear or bra, it does often limit what the therapist is able to do. If the bra is left on then shoulder access and back access can be restricted, causing sections of the back and shoulders to be missed. If underwear is left on than it is more difficult to properly massage the hips, which is an area that many people have problems with. So, you can leave on articles of clothing. But you will probably be limiting what the therapist can do for you in those areas."

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