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Deep Tissue Massage Minimizes Chronic Back Pain for Elements Warren Client

Finding a massage therapist that gets your needs and is intuitive to healing your pain can make the difference between a good massage and a great therapeutic experience. Until Jessica Guarino met her current massage therapist, Sean Reilly at the Elements Warren studio, she had only received good massages from other therapists that were relaxing and satisfying.

At age 35, Jessica has turned to massage and other therapy treatments throughout the years to help manage her chronic back pain from a combination of wedged disks, scoliosis, sciatica pain and multiple pinched nerves. But, after just one deep tissue massage session with Sean, Jessica felt immediate relief like she had never had before.

The day after her massage was the first time she had felt virtually pain-free in years.

“Sean has changed my life by making me in less pain than I have ever been in my life,” explains Jessica. “I don’t know how Sean does it, but he makes a good amount of pain go away each time I see him. He has amazing hand strength, but he’s so precise in how he uses it.”

Known as “The Crusher” among clients and others around his studio, Sean uses a combination of deep tissue and trigger point therapy to unlock the knots and relieve his clients’ pain. Jessica says there’s a lot of popping and crunching noises during her massages, but that’s what helps her body release tension. She knows the deep pressure she feels during the massage is worth it because she is going to feel incredibly better afterward.

“You really have to find a masseuse that has the best technique that works the best for you,” explains Jessica. “A well-trained massage therapist who can relieve pain is golden and a compassionate therapist who is in tune with his clients’ needs like Sean is quite rare. Sean is my perfect massage match.”

Besides being a highly skilled deep tissue massage therapist that focuses on healing the physiological well-being of his clients, Sean also has an intuitive nature about him that Jessica describes as compassionate, caring and focused solely on making his clients happy and healthy. At first, Jessica told Sean to focus on her back for the entire session, but now he is so in tune with what Jessica needs to feel better that he starts working on spots that hurt without Jessica having to tell him.

“Therapists may be good at knowing how to fix the body, but clients know their bodies better than anyone else,” explains Sean. “Jessica is always good at telling me what she needs in a session and I always tell my clients to not be afraid to tell me where to focus if they have a specific pain area they need addressed. My goal for each of my clients is to have their best interest in mind at all times during the session.”

Following a session, Sean also makes it a point to give Jessica work that she can do at home to help with her pain management between appointments. Stretching and using heat packs works the best for Jessica, but he also recommends drinking an adequate amount of water, taking warm showers and rolling her feet on frozen water bottles to help with daily pain maintenance.

“I try to give Jessica every piece of knowledge that I have to help with her daily life,” explains Sean. “I always make sure that if something is bothering Jessica, she has an ear to listen to her. I am there to help her out during our session, whether it’s to just listen, answer questions or work on a specific part of her back.”

Since getting massages on a monthly basis from Sean, Jessica has not only benefited from being pain-free for days following the massage, but she also has noticed the mental benefits that regular massage offers as well. As a single mom of a child with special needs, Jessica would catch herself getting cranky with her son because of the chronic pain she was juggling along with the stress of being a mom, working and making ends meet financially. Since she’s started regular massage, Sean has noticed that she’s able to relax a lot easier and there’s a smile on her face more often than before.

“When you’re in pain, it affects your mood and that affects your child as well,” reflects Jessica. “As a mom, you put your needs aside and forget about yourself. But, it gets to a point eventually that if you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take care of anyone else.”

Jessica plans to continue taking care of herself with monthly massage therapy sessions with Sean. Only seven minutes away from where she lives, the Elements Warren studio location makes it easy for Jessica to manage her chronic pain. And Sean continues to give Jessica the best massages she’s ever received.

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