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Close Out Holiday Season Stress by Rejuvenating your Mind and Body with Massage Therapy

The children are nestled all snug in their beds while visions of holiday loot dance in their heads. Little Johnny has his video games and little Susie her dolls. Dad has his new power tools and the doggies have their new fresh-baked dog treats. All mom wants when it’s all said and done is a long winter nap. But, alas, the clatter inside your head won’t give you any time for a moment’s rest.

As the exhausting and hectic holiday season comes to a close and the New Year peeks out on the horizon, many of us find ourselves stressed out, maxed out and bloated to the max. Although the holidays are a time for making memories with family, friends, co-workers and your children, the festivities unfortunately can include chaotic family obligations that leave you feeling worn out both mentally and physically.

Too much of a good thing can lead to stress (hosting 20 of your closest friends and family for holiday dinner), overindulgence (having seconds, thirds and fourths of Grandma’s famous gingerbread cookies) and exhaustion (too many cocktail party functions combined with late nights by the fireplace drinking too many glasses of homemade eggnog). Instead of wrapping up your holiday season as a bundle of stress that leaves you with a chaotic digestive system, give yourself the gift of massage to rejuvenate your body and restore your system with positive energy.

Kick Stress to the Curb with Therapeutic Massage

Whether you need to release tension, reduce stress or simply relax and feel your best, regularly scheduled therapeutic massage sessions are essential for promoting your overall mind and body well-being. Massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach to wellness based on the body's natural ability to heal itself and stabilize your systems. Regular monthly massages provide relief to people of all ages and all walks of life from the competitive athlete to the home gardener or the over-stressed business person. It is the perfect recipe for helping you unwind from the holiday stress and prepare yourself for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Balance Your Body with a Healthy Diet and Stable Digestive System

Eating healthy during the holidays is borderline impossible, but instead of mentally beating yourself up for indulging during the season, take action today to begin stabilizing your digestive system and balancing your body. Therapeutic massage sessions can promote a healthy digestive system by relaxing tense abdominal and intestinal walls, as well as stimulate activity of your major digestive organs (kidneys, small and large intestines, colon) to improve circulation and waste removal. When combined with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, massage therapy can help regulate your bowel movements, flush out the toxins in your system and leave you feeling more energetic and rejuvenated as you embark on the New Year.

Regularly Scheduled Massage Therapy Sessions Benefit Your Mind and Body

Research analysis from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests that a single session of massage therapy can reduce common ailments such as blood pressure and heart rate, while multiple sessions can reduce common mental and physical conditions such as depression and pain.

Find an Elements Therapeutic Massage near you today today to step out of the holiday fog and breakthrough into the New Year feeling physically energetic and mentally prepared for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

While you’re at it, why not schedule multiple monthly massages for the first six months of the year to jump start your body’s physical and mental well-being? Now, that sounds like a good New Year’s resolution you can stick to for total body health and wellness.

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