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Can Stress Be Beneficial?

Meredith M.
Elements Timonium

"Endocrinologist Hans Selye did some amazing research on stress. He coined the terms "eustress" and "distress" for positive and negative stress, and created the General Adaptation Syndrome theory on stress. Interesting how we do in fact need a healthy amount of stress!

"For those who are having trouble managing their stress I suggest not only a massage and meditation but communicating about our stressors. There are also a lot of great self-help books and literature on this subject. Awareness is key."

Suzanne M.
Elements Chandler/Ahwatukee

"Yes, in certain situations stress can motivate us to get tasks done. Too much stress, or constant stress, can be harmful."

Jessica D.
Elements Timonium

"Speaking for myself personally, I feel like stress actually makes me perform poorly in whatever task it is that I am trying to accomplish. Granted, I get things done faster; but not necessarily better.

"That having been said, I know for many people stress is an excellent motivator, increasing the heart rate, therefore increasing blood flow to the brain and therefore increasing cognition. I guess I am just strange because I am usually already motivated from within to do things."

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