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Besides Regular Massage, What Else Should Be Part of a Good Holistic Wellness Program?

Sharon D.
Elements Westford

"A healthy eating habit, yoga, meditation, stretching, exercise and water should be as important as your massage. Making a few of these a part of your daily life will substantially enchance your well-being."

Danny P.
Elements Westford

"Eating healthy, such as consuming fruits and vegtables on a daily basis, is a wonderful way to keep up your wellness. Also exercising regulary, possibly yoga or meditating, and a positive outlook on life should all be part of a good holistic wellness program."

Steph P.
Elements Centennial

"Chiropractic care, acupuncture, meditation/breathing techniques and regular exercise should also be part of a good wellness program."

Paul B.
Elements Centennial

"I feel that allowing yourself time every day to meditate and clear your mind can help you to have a healthier well-being."

Tayler W.
Elements Wilsonville

"Monthly massage is a BIG part of anyone's holistic wellness program. Also important is daily stretching and a mindful diet. Try to stay away from preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and fast food which can leave one feeling less energized.

"Feeling good physically is important; but keeping your mind going is important, also. If you've never done meditation, give it a try. There are many easy beginner follow-along videos on YouTube. Reading a little bit every day works your brain out, too."

Bonnie V.
Elements Wilsonville

"Exercise, stretching, and meditation are great things to do as well since they move both your body and your mind. It is also very important to do things that make you happy. Having a good outlook on life is the best thing you can do to prolong your health."

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