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Besides Getting a Massage, What Else Can I Do to Reduce Stress?


Matt S.
"There are many ways you can reduce stress in your life. One of my favorites is to take a nice long walk, especially in the woods. Walking is such a great stress breaker. It gets you away from the craziness of life and away from the things in life that cause you stress."

Ana G.
"The easiest and most natural way to reduce stress is to simply take several deep breaths throughout the day. Introducing some great yoga stretches in the morning and at night before bed is another one of my favorite ways to wind down and de-stress."

Danny P.
"Some great stress reducers are "mindfulness" exercises, meditation, yoga, walks on the beach or in the woods, and playing or cuddling with pets. Arts and crafts of all types are also a great way to reduce stress and focus your energy on something positive."

Maureen O.
"Besides massage, there are other ways for us to relax. Try taking a leisurely walk on a sunny morning. Some people find quiet mediation relaxing. Try taking a few minutes to stretch. And for me, nothing is as relaxing as petting my dog while he naps."


Paul B.
"I like to ride my bike, swim, play a video game, or meditate. All of these calm me when I feel stressed out."

Jen H.
"When I get stressed I like to go for a run or do yoga to help me de-stress."

Carlton M.
"I like to practice the Yang style of Tai Chi. I also do a great deal of meditation."

DeAnna R.
"Since stress is an inevitable part of life, I suggest to people that they cultivate and maintain healthy relationships. It is our ability to mutually regulate one another's emotions that allow us to thrive, even during stressful times."

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