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Am I Supposed to Tip After a Massage?

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

"Gratuities and tipping can be confusing in any industry. Do I tip? How much should I leave? Is it insulting to the therapist?

"When our clients ask we tell them the standard tip is 15%-20% of our walk-in rate, but there is no pressure. Although therapists do go to school and are licensed professionals, tipping is very much a standard part of the industry. Therapists at Elements are paid a professional wage for their services but always appreciate any tips that are left for them."

Brian S.
Elements West Plano

"Massage therapy is a service industry just like eating at a restaurant, and tips are considered as part of our pay just the same as a waiter or waitress. What further complicates tipping is that in some European countries and the Far East, no tipping is expected as the service provider pays their staff at a higher rate to compensate for the lack of tipping.

"Bottom line: We hope your experience at Elements is such that you would want to add a gratuity for our hard work and dedication, without the higher cost of a session built in."

Deleashia A.
Elements Centennial

"Tips are very, very much appreciated. They help out a lot and we also depend on them for part of our income."

Kristine D.
Elements Westford

"The short and simple answer is yes. However, the amount is always up to the client. Overall, if the massage was completely unsatisfactory, then tipping is not an option. But please explain why the massage was not up to your standards. Feedback -- both positive and negative -- can really help a therapist fine-tune their techniques."

Nicole T.
Elements Acton

"You are by no means obligated to tip. However, massage therapy is a service industry just like eating at a restaurant or getting your hair done. Massage therapists do rely on tips to help pay their bills."

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