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4 Massage Techniques to Boost Your Golf Game

Sports massage therapy has become increasingly popular among athletes. With golf season in full swing, the following tips offer ways to enhance your golf game through massage.

Despite being a low-impact sport, golf can be physically and emotionally demanding. Here are some simple tips for golfers looking to enhance their game and de-stress the body and mind:

1. Pre-game massage: Though many people think massages are intended for after physical activity, relaxing before heading out on the green can make a marked difference in your game. It’s important to invigorate and loosen those muscles before working them, especially with the repetitive twisting and torqueing in golf.

2. Golf club hand massage: Golf clubs aren’t just for hitting the ball. In between holes, use the rubber end of a golf club for a quick hand massage. Apply pressure to the base of the thumb and your palm; make circles with your hand in that area and move it around to hit all the pressure points.

3. Mid-game foot massage: A quick foot massage on the course can go a long way towards keeping you relaxed. With your shoes off, start with a golf ball on the ground while seated on the golf cart or standing. Roll your foot forward and backward slowly; apply enough pressure to feel a pulling but not enough that you are in too much pain; then roll your foot side to side. Next place your heel on the ball to make circular motions; finally cross your leg over the left ankle and take the ball and roll it up and down the arch of your foot; repeat with the left foot.

4. Post play recovery: After a long day of golf, it’s important to get your muscles back in balance. Back and shoulder muscles are shortened on one side due to the repetitive motion of the golf swing, and tight hamstrings, especially in men, can play a tug of war with your back leading to lower back pain. Post-game massages help golfers avoid achy muscles and get back to the next round in tip top shape.

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