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3 Reasons to Get a Massage More Often

Why a regular massage should be a fundamental component to your overall wellness program

We'd all love to get massage on a regular basis. If that sounds more like a luxury and not a necessity, check your facts. Health experts recommend regular massage therapy with good reason!

Consider these three excuses to get a massage as often as you like:

1. Your pain wasn’t built in a day.

You didn’t develop that ache or pain or health condition overnight. Pain comes from things you do over a period of months and years, like working at a desk or computer. And it’s likely to reoccur simply due to the routine of everyday life and the toll that it takes on your body.

A regularly scheduled massage helps you keep on top of your health rather than playing catch-up all the time. American comedian and actor, Bob Hope received a massage almost every day of his life and he lived to be almost 90.

Think about how much money you spend on healthcare to treat symptoms like chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression — and to diagnose you when you’re sick — and consider then how much you could save by adding a preventive treatment like regular massage.

2. Stress happens — all the time.

Your stress triggers are always with you, not just on days when you decide to treat yourself to a massage. Sure, there are bigger, one-time events that are intensely stressful, like losing a job. But low- to moderate-level stress triggers — crazy traffic, difficult people, delayed flights — are an ongoing part of everyday life. And experts widely agree that this chronic, continual stress is the underlying cause of 80 to 90 percent of all health conditions.

Stress leads to all kinds of serious, chronic health conditions including high blood pressure, insomnia and obesity. And there’s more and more research showing that stress alone can lead to certain types of cancer.

You can’t stop stressful situations from happening. Even if you practice stress management techniques like meditation, it’s challenging to completely prevent the natural chemical reactions that stress triggers in your body. But you can manage its lasting effects on your health by “stress-detoxing” on an ongoing basis. Frequent and consistent massage helps your body sustain its stress resilience mechanisms and keeps stress hormones in balance, in turn reducing the risk of chronic health conditions and illnesses.
Therapeutic massage can become a part of a regular stress management program. Making this is a priority can help you maintain a healthy weight, sleep better, and even alleviate depression in certain situations.

3. Quality of life isn’t just for special occasions.

At Elements Therapeutic Massage about half our clientele comes in for regularly scheduled massages. Some of the longtime clients become concerned if they can’t come in for their regular session — because it helps keep them healthy and enables them to lead an active lifestyle.

Even if you’re not experiencing pain or mobility challenges that keep you from hiking, biking, golfing or other physical activities you enjoy, massage can simply be the breather you need to keep your sanity and perspective in a hectic society. Think about how that can improve your outlook, attitude and relationships with your spouse, kids, family, friends, coworkers, boss....

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