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Matthew | Licensed Massage Therapist

Level 3/3+

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Education: Salter School

Favorite Massage Modality: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Himalayan Salt Stones, Basalt Stones

Philosophy on Healing: I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and help others to heal themselves, and when a client says they feel so much better and the issues they described have been relieved, it makes me the happiest person in the world to know I've made  difference in their life.

Massage Style: I feel the only way to help a client overcome any issues they have with their body is to listen attentively when they describe what type of pain or discomfort they are experiencing. Then I begin working with there whole body, from head to toe, starting with a soothing scalp massage all the way down to the bottoms of their feet. Both areas I feel never get enough attention in our daily lives. I also cater to my clients desires when it comes to pressure. For example: If a client is looking for a Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, or a medium to light pressure Relaxation Massage. I will also exclusively work on certain problematic areasif a client requests. Ultimately I am there to help them heal and/or relax and escape their daily worries and stressful life for the duration of the massage.

What his clients are saying: You are greeted usually by name by the receptionist The therapist always asks where you'd like to focus and then does as you ask picking your worse area and giving it special attention. I have Matt and I think he's fantastic!!- KR 5/17/14

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