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Therapist Thursdays- What is the toughest part about being a massage therapist?

Katey Kinghorn Oct 17, 2013

Everybody generally has a different idea of what its like to be a massage therapist. Each therapist has their own reason for wanting to be in the massage buisness, but just like every other career out there, theres going to be certain aspects that are tough.

This weeks question... "What is the toughest part about being a massage therapist?"

Matt S: I feel the toughest part about being a massage therapist is protecting my body from damage, overuse from massaging, specifically protecting my hands, wrists, arms, and fingers so I can work for many years to come. Therapists do this by properly stretching before massaging and using proper body mechanics and getting regular massages.

Maureen O: While being a massage therapist can be physically challenging at times, it is more often a very rewarding profession. Its meeting that challenge that sets us apart.

Danny P: The hardest part of being a massage therapist is self care. So many of us fail to take the necessary action to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Body mechanics, diet, and exercise are very important parts of the massage therapist's daily routine. To be a good caregiver, remain fit and healthy.

So while massage can be hard on a therapists body and hands, many therapists practice proper body mechanics, get regular massage themselves, and love their job.

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