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Massage Techniques

It seems as though every massage therapist has a style that is different than the next. Elements Massage™ studios utilize The Elements Way® to match clients and therapists based on client need and the types of massage modalities their therapists excel at.

All Elements Massage™ studio therapists are trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage, while others may have advanced training in other techniques. All Elements Massage™ studio therapists are licensed and/or certified and often possess expertise in a pressure level, skill, or technique that allows studios to match every client with the best therapist to meet their individual needs.

The mastering of massage techniques, commonly referred to as massage movements, are what distinguishes certified massage therapists from the rest of us. Therapists know how to safely apply these techniques and understand the therapeutic value of each movement.

Studio therapists at Elements Massage™ are all trained and licensed and/or certified pursuant to applicable state requirements for massage therapists. While training may vary by state and school, five common massage movements are^:

  • Effleurage (Stroking) — Main uses are at the beginning or end of a massage or as connecting or linking movements.
  • Petrissage — Deeper strokes applied by the fingers, thumb or heels of a hand. Kneading, picking up, wringing and rolling are all forms of petrissage.
  • Tapotement — Used for stimulating and toning an area. Forms of this technique include cupping and hacking, among others.
  • Frictions — Applied on the surface tissue, these are rubbing movements on the skin.
  • Vibrations — Generally used to relieve fatigue and pain, these movements can help cure a certain area, creating a natural sedative.

Combining these massage techniques is how different massage modalities were created, with each providing their own therapeutic value. At Elements Massage™, studios’ therapists blend various modalities and techniques into one great customized, therapeutic massage. This is The Elements Way® and it’s simply the best massage in the industry.

The Elements Way® is backed by The Elements Promise™, which guarantees that the massage our clients receive will meet or exceed their expectations, or the next one is on us.

^References for this page include AMTA and The Official Guide to Body Massage (Second Edition) by Adele O’Keefe

While massage techniques and modalities can get a little heady, the smart move is to visit an Elements Massage™ studio and let us take care of the rest.