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Eric | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Arms, Legs, Feet, and Injuries
Specialties: Deep tissue, Swedish, structural, Reflexology, Sports, Focus work, Trigger Point, Injury Work, Sciatic, Headache,and Stretching


“Eric was AMAZING! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Deep Tissue/Sports style massage. Very perceptive to what your body needs!”
“Eric does such a great job that the day after my massage, I feel so good that I don't have to use Bio-Freeze. Eric does compressions and stretching which I feel is what makes his treatments unique.”
“I have been more than pleased with Eric. He not only has learned the trouble spots of my body, he has always found new ones that I didn't know were there.”

Eric approaches clients injuries and concerns with care and compassion. He has dealt with his own injuries while playing soccer, and shares each client's desire for recovery and mobility.   Eric has successfully assisted clients dealing with injuries varying from knee ligament repairs to back injuries and many in between. Through his specific focus work, technique, and an individualized plan; Eric’s goal is to have clients return to their active - pain free -  lifestyle.

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