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6365 E Hampden Ave #103
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Perfect Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Perfect Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Elements Massage Hampden & I25

This holiday season we polled our therapists to see how they avoid holiday stress. As wellness practitioners and proponents of avoiding stress, we find the holidays a difficult time for clients to resist temptation, avoid family and work stress, and stick to their routines. If you have been stuck inside because of the freezing cold lately and confronted with the endless temptation to eat lots of sweets, you’re not alone! Try some or all of our tips below to warm up and stay happy and healthy this winter and holiday season.

Lean on Friends and Family

Building strong relationships inspires feelings of belonging and support. So, spend time you’re your closest friends and be patient with your family. It’s all about being grateful when you’re surrounded by a close-knit community. So, put down your smartphone and enjoy some rest and relaxation with your closest friends.

Prep with Friends

Want to spend time with friends? Need to write cards or set up decorations? How about prep a dinner? What better way to enjoy the tasks you have to get done than with friends. Call you friends over for a card writing party or spend the afternoon making cookies and treats for gifts. It’s worth the effort.

Sleep Enough

It’s finally time to make sleep a priority, and we know, much easier said than done. But, think about it this way - when you get enough sleep you are less likely to overeat, you are more able to handle stress, and your focus will stay sharp throughout the day. It’s important to turn off your electronics at least an hour before bed as the light from the screens can disrupt your sleep cycle. If you have to nap during the day, aim for 15-20 minutes or you will wake up feeling groggier than before.

Eat Healthy

It’s the best time of year for delicious, home cooked food. Unfortunately, most holiday treats and traditional foods are heavy on the butter and sugar, and light on “healthy”. Try to add extra servings of these options during meals or while snacking:

  • Omega-3s which are mood stabilizers – consider: fish and lean proteins
  • Adequate amounts of fiber from fruits and veggies – so important!
  • Antioxidant rich foods – kale, dark chocolate, and blueberries

From all of us at Elements Massage, have a stress free and fabulous holiday season!

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