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Massage for Dry Skin?

Massage for Dry Skin?

Elements Massage Highpointe

We all know that massage therapy is a natural and beneficial way to improve the functioning of most of our internal organs. Whether it is improving blood circulation for the heart, or aiding in the well-being and functioning of the digestive system, massage can work wonders. Did you ever consider though that the part of the body that a massage therapist touches, the skin, is also an organ and actually the largest one in the body? As we deal with the dry winter months, that most important and most vulnerable organ becomes susceptible to harsher conditions and potential damage. 

One of the most common effects that cold weather has on our skin is generally increased dryness. There are various reasons why cold weather leads to dryer skin but here are a couple of the most common: 

  • Cold air generally means less humidity and therefore more moisture escaping from our skin at a faster rate.
  • When it is cold outside, we tend to heat the inside and this fluctuation between temperatures can have a drying effect on our skin. 

The good news is, massage therapy can actively help return that much needed moisture to your skin. One of the primary ways that massage can do this is through the use of nutrient rich oils. Massage oils help to moisturize and enrich the skin leaving it healthier and more fortified against the elements. The act of massage, all of the kneading and rubbing, allows the skin to actually more readily absorb the beneficial nutrients as well. Some oils that are known to contain vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your skin and that are commonly employed by massage therapists are: 

  • Vitamin E
  • Jojoba
  • Sesame
  • Primrose
  • Almond 

Ask your massage therapist what the right oil or blend of oils is to help you maintain rich and moisturized skin throughout these upcoming winter months.

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