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Daniel | Massage Therapist | Levels 2-3

Education: Wellington High School up in Bergen County, soon followed by Fortis Institute in Wayne. Accelerated massage program, externship at another Elements location in Riverdale, as well as participating in massage events. 

Places I've Lived: Warsaw in Poland, Pennsylvania for just a few months, Wellington NJ, and now South Amboy. 

Places I've Traveled: Long ago I've traveled through Poland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, and Hungary.  While in the United States, trips down to Florida and up to the Canadian border.

My Dream Vacation: Cruise to tropical islands with a loved one.

Favorite Massage Modalities: Aromatherapy, reflexology techniques, Swedish, therapeutic, deep massages while still helping to relax. 

Philosophy on Healing: As a fan of alternative medicine, I believe in natural ways of healing. All through working on releasing tensions, letting the body relax, and allowing your mind to regenerate.

In My Other Life (Before I Found Massage Therapy): I was a chivalrous knight, fighting for doing the right thing. 

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