Elements Massage Edison Early Bird Massage Special - Monday to Thursday, 9-2PM.

Early Bird Massage Special

Elements Massage Edison Early Bird Massage Special, Just $40*

Is your life mantra “Don’t be on time, be early”? Are you the early bird that always catches the worm? Do you like to get important tasks out of the way quickly so that you don’t have to be burdened by them longer than necessary? Are you an early riser…up before the crack of dawn sipping your morning coffee and reviewing your schedule for the day? Well, here’s your opportunity to be rewarded for your time management and organizational skills. Stake your claim and jump on the Elements Massage Edison Early Bird Massage Special right now!

Hey there…yes you…don’t feel left out because you’re not an early riser. We’ve got something for you too! Do you sleep a little late in the mornings? Do you work part time in the afternoons or evenings? Are your weekends totally booked? Do you work on a contract basis where your work is “deliverables based” rather than “time based” so your work hours are flexible? Do you work from home and have more free time at the start of the day? Our new economy presents a host of work configurations that will make the Early Bird Special ideal for your needs. So don’t delay, get started today!

With your Early Bird Special you can:

  • Be ahead of the crowd
  • Schedule an appointment with yourself
  • Start your work day re-energized
  • Reduce stress
  • Relax those “cell phone grabbing” hand muscles
  • Get ready for the weekend

Act now to get in on our Early Bird Special and pay only $40 for a therapeutic massage when you come in Monday to Thursday up to 2pm.

First-time customer and want a discount the first time you receive a massage, any day we're open. Get our intro special coupon today. 

The different types of massages that we offer include:

*Not to be combined with any other offer or coupon. 

Signup and Get a Massage for only $40, More than 50% off our normal rate.

Use the form to let us know what day works for you concerning your next massage between 9AM and 2PM Monday to Thursday.

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