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Escondido Sunset August 2017

patricia Sep 10, 2017 Community

Escondido Sunset August 2017

Summer nights in San Diego

Patricia Aug 28, 2017 Community

Take advantage of our beautiful San Diego summer nights and get out there to enjoy the cooler evenings during the heat wave. 

Fun things to do in San Diego... for free!!

Patricia Jan 9, 2016 Community

We are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world... San Diego has so many attractions but you don't have to spend money to have a great time in this great town. This site has many great suggestions: of my favorites are: Go bird watching at the Torrey...

Happy Mother's Day!

Patricia May 10, 2015 Community

We want to wish all mothers a great Mother's Day. The one day every year dedicated to Moms - what a wonderful tradition that is. In the US Mother's day is always the second Sunday in May, but in Latin countries mother's day is always the 10nth of May. Today Moms across the Americas are celebrated and remembered... One of our moms passed away from...

Unofficially... Spring is here!

Patricia Mar 7, 2015 Community

Spring comes early in San Diego... Although we are still way bellow the normal rainfall for our region, the little rain we've had in the last month has done wonders to the landscape. We are still in a terrible drought so we'll continue with the water restrictions but for now San Diego is green so get out there and enjoy the best weather in the country!

Happy Valentine's Day

Patricia Feb 14, 2015 Community

Have a wonderful day with your loved ones... 

Help the Homeless This Holiday Season

Patricia Dec 11, 2014 Community

Our Help the Homeless this Holiday Season campaign in on. Bring your new - never used - donations from the following list to our studio and our Elements Team will create Homeless Survival Kits to give to the homeless. Any quantity is welcomed and much appreciated:  One-gallon zip lock bags Pair of unisex footie socks Small toothpaste Toothbrush Hair comb unbreakable Small...

Continue the giving after Thanksgiving

Patricia Nov 29, 2014 Community

This winter we will be putting together "Caring for the Homeless" packages. These packages will include items such as non-perishable foods, and personal care items. Please help us make life a little easier for the less fortunate. More details coming up soon....    

Make back to school as healthy as you can...

Patricia Sep 6, 2014 Community

This article has practical advise on sleep, teaching kids easy kitchen skills, staying active and other ideas to make back to school more healthy and productive for both kids and parents... Read more... 

Coping with the Loss...

Aug 24, 2014 Community

Massage and Mourning: Power of Touch Helps to Relieve Mental, Physical Stress During the Grieving Process   When a family member, friend or loved one passes away, varying degrees of emotional and physical pressure can weigh you down as you deal with grief and mourning for yourself and those around you. To help release some of the common pressure associated with...

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