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How to relieve stress during Holiday Chaos.

How to relieve stress during Holiday Chaos.

Rachel Justis

As families make the decision of where to spend Christmas, we try to schedule out holiday shopping ahead of time. Inevitably, the anxiety begins to build. If you can't control the holiday chaos, here are some steps you can take to survive the holiday season. 

1. Take time for yourself.

Whether you're busy at work or with the kids you need to take a moment to sit back, reflect, and relax. Schedule a massage in order to take a moment to claim as your own, to breathe deep, and to close your eyes from all distractions.

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We're offering several UNBEATABLE Gift Card offers. Instead of wasting time, energy and money waiting in line do yourself a favor and buy an Elements Massage Gift Card.

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3. Eat right.

Around every corner lurks holiday sweets and while you should enjoy your aunt's famous pumpkin pie, make sure to watch your portions. Also, focusing on eating veggies and fruit helps to fight off winter sickness such as flu and colds. 

3. No toxins in your body. 

Consumption of nicotine, drugs, and alcohol can elicit the body's stress reaction. As with all things, alcohol should be consumed in moderation. So go ahead and enjoy a cocktail at the work Christmas party. 

4. Focus on Exercising. 

Exercise helps melt the stress away and increases endorphins to give you an extra boast of holiday cheer. It can also provide a moment of clarity during the busy season. 

5. Be you. Know you. 

At Elements in Buckhead we understand that it's easy to get caught up in the spirit of the holidays and trying to keep up with new decorating ideas, custom gift sets, and fancy dinners can be overwhelming. Search Pinterest for a new project but don’t set out for more than you can handle. It’s best to know your limit and stick with that for minimal stress. 

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